Holy Basil: Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Holy Basil: Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Butterflies in the stomach (and not in a good way). A general feeling of unease. And an overall fatigue paired with the jitters. Racing, unwanted thoughts and heartbeat. If you have ever struggled with anxiety, you know these feelings all too well and want them gone ASAP.

Anxiety can keep us from living life. And it's hard to escape.

Walking into a doctor's office will likely end with a prescription for allopathic pills often with harmful side effects. So if you're looking for natural anxiety and stress relief, Tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil, might help.

Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief - Chand & Radha - Holy Basil

What is Holy Basil?

Holy basil known as Tulsi or Tulasi in India is one of the most sacred Hindu herbs and revered in Ayurveda. Often grown in Hindu homes and in temples, Holy Basil comes in several varieties including the Rama and Krishna Tulsi. With auspicious names like these, there must be a reason this herb has been so revered.

Medicinal Uses

Holy Basil is believed to have several health benefits for various ailments including natural anxiety relief. The herb is also believed to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and support lowering blood sugars. Research has show that Holy Basil could also support improved digestion, headache relief, respiratory health, and boosting immune system.

Natural Anxiety Relief

As an adaptogen, Holy Basil can help your body adapt to stress and maintain balance so it's often used to manage stress and anxiety in the form of drinking the tea and tinctures. Some research has found that Holy Basil (Tulsi) may also reduce those icky anxiety symptoms like restlessness and nervousness. Amen!

Natural Stress Relief

Holy Basil may help regulate the body's stress hormone, cortisol. And since elevated coristol is a sign of chronic stress, it's a good idea to get this in check immediately since it can negatively affect your body in different ways. Holy Basil also helps to protect cells from oxidative stress which is often associated with chronic stress. So many of us are living in a constant stressed state that we don't fully understand how relaxed we can be until we sip on a cup of Holy Basil tea. 

Stress on our Brain

Everyday we battle a bunch of difficulties, but adaptogenic Holy Basil can help to improve your body's resilence. Chronic stress can impair our cognitive function, including memory and concentration. (Where did I put my keys again?!) Some studies have found that Holy Basil might help to improve cognitive function and focus, so despite life's stresses, we remain calm with a sharp mind.

Anti-Inflammatory Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea

Stress wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies, leading to inflammation. Luckily, Holy Basil is believed to fight that. Our Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea is grown on a dreamy Canadian farm without any pesticides and is hand planted and picked.

Good Mood Food

Sipping on a cup of tea is always a relaxing affair, but even moreso when Tulsi is believed to enhance mood by promoting a sense of well-being, counteracting the negative impact of stress.

Sip on some stress relief with our Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea and let us know how it helps your natural stress and anxiety relief. 

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