Educating India's Future

Every Chand & Radha product is connected to the healing remedies of the area of Gujarat, India where my family originated known as Kathiawar. The region's plant medicines and beauty treatments have enriched so many lives, so I wanted to be able to give back to the people there. Whenever you purchase a Chand & Radha product, a portion will be donated to organizations like Akshaya Patra and Pratham that are working with on the ground partners in Gujarat providing food and education to school children.

Family Legacy

When my paternal Grandfather Madhavji Chandarana left his tiny village of Bavalvav to live and work in Uganda, he never forgot his roots, continuing to send money back home to his father Jadovji Chandarana who established a school in the village. When I visited India several years ago, I was heartened to find that the school not only still exists, but now educates children from the surrounding villages as well. I feel it is my responsibility to my forefathers to continue this legacy of empowering Indian children.