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Healthy Habits: Tips to Stay on Track

Over the last two years, I have had to drastically change the way I live embracing more healthy habits. But choosing what innately feels wholesome and healthy, will not always be met with understanding. Some days staying healthy can feel challenging, Here’s how I’ve made this life shift easier. 

Embrace the Solitude 

One thing you’ll never hear me say is that I’m bored. My days are full of activities to better my life. I rarely eat outside food, so that means time is spent prepping and cooking healthy meals. If you do feel lonely, turn on a podcast like Almost 30 to keep you company with the bonus of learning more about life too.

Just saying No is a Healthy Habit

It’s tempting to say yes to a party invitation. But if I know the night will end at 3 am and there’s a temptation to drink or be in a smoke-filled environment, I mostly say no. This means I’ve had to spend less time with friends who may not understand why I feel better when I stick to my sleep schedule, but I know that I am making the right choice for my future self. 

Get a Pet 

When I used to work with abused foster kids, anytime the miniature horses and dogs came to visit, their eyes would light up and broad smiles would fill their faces. Changing your lifestyle can be incredible isolating at times, but when you’ve got the unconditional love from a dog or cat, it feels less lonely. My sister calls me a cat lady now, a nickname I laugh off, but the truth is seeing my cat every morning and petting her sweet head fills me with joy. 

Keep Learning

Once you go down the healthy rabbit hole, there’s no going back. My mind is a sponge to new wellness ideas. I gravitate to healers, spiritual souls and guides. Connect with likeminded people in your community or online and read as much as you can to affirm the healthy choices you're making are the right ones.

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