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Ayurveda for the Modern Life

Ayurveda may have started in ancient India, but its wisdom applies to modern living too.

What is Ayurveda: Ayurveda in Sanskrit means "The Science of Life" focusing on balancing your internal wellness through lifestyle and dietary changes. 

How did Ayurveda start? Over 5,000 years ago in India during the Vedic period.

Who traditionally used Ayurveda? Indian families often practice Ayurvedic traditions that have been passed down through the generations like oil massages or using certain spices or herbs for lactating mothers, sickness or maintaining overall health. Herbs and plants are used as medicine in Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda's focus? The goal is to keep your body in its healthiest state so that it's less likely to face diseases or other health issues. Ayurveda is about prevention, keeping the body in its optimal state. Or if you're dealing with health problems, Ayurveda could help you heal. This isn't just about taking some herbs and getting better ASAP. Ayurveda slowly helps you heal internally, so patience is key when you start an Ayurvedic practice. Ayurveda aims to balance mind, body and soul.

How can I start with an Ayurvedic lifestyle? You don't have to make drastic changes to bring Ayurveda and natural health into your current life. Maybe it's swapping your morning bagel for a smoothie prepared with Ayurvedic fruits. Or visiting a local holistic or Ayurvedic doctor to learn ways to live a healthier life. And of course keep checking back here for more easy to use Ayurvedic tips!

So I use Ayurveda daily? Yes, you can create a daily routine starting with adding one or two Ayurvedic foods or practices like yoga or breathing exercises. The goal is to not overwhelm yourself with all these new changes, but slowly incorporate them on your wellness journey.

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