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Are Period Cycles Synched with the Moon?

Are Period Cycles Synched with the Moon?

Are menstruation cycles synching up with the moon an old wive's tale or reality? While some cultures tuck bleeding women away for the week, ashamed of their monthly flow, others revere the time as a moment of rest and rebirth. 

Are Period Cycles Synched with the Moon - Chand & Radha - Menstruation

Menstruation Meaning

Herbalist Allyson Schurtz says the words menstruation and menses are derived from Latin and Greek words for the month and moon. "Historically it was believed that women were at the height of their spiritual and psychological power during menstruation."

Lost Connection

Schurtz who specializes in reproductive and sexual health says humans have always followed the moon and sun cycles. The demands of our modern lives have moved us further and further away from this practice. "I believe it's becoming more imperative to return to this wisdom to re-establish a stronger connection to the natural rhythms and cycles of our bodies and nature."

Period Cycles

Some studies indicate that the gravitational pull of the moon may affect the menstrual cycle, but they're not conclusive and the precise impact of the moon on menstruation is still largely unclear. 

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, there is a relationship between the menstrual cycle and the lunar rhythm. Out of a group of 826 female volunteers between the ages of 16 to 25, 28 per cent got their periods around the new moon. 

Periods aren't the only natural phenomenon linked to this celestial body. The tides are regulated by the moon's gravitational pull as it orbits earth, pulling the ocean's water towards it. 

Similar to our monthly cycle, the moon also goes through changes as it orbits the Earth. Female and lunar cycles last approximately 29.5 days leaving some questioning if they are linked.

"As women our bodies are connected to nature. We go through four seasons every month. Spring is our follicular phase, sumer ovulation, autumn luteal and menstruation is winter. We go through that death and rebirth cycle every month," says hormonal health coach Haley Fountain.

Are Period Cycles Synched with the Moon - Chand & Radha - Periods

Modern Life Interferes 

"Back in ancient times before the introduction of artificial light, our menstruation was synched up with the lunar cycles because the sun and the moon were the only sources of light besides fire, so our bodies would naturally pick up on that rhymn," says Fountain.

The issue today is our exposure to unnatural sources of light. "Human bodies both male and female are very sensitive to light and our body functions will change with exposure," says Fountain.

"In the modern day with the introduction of artificial light and hormonal contraceptives, our bodies don't necessarily always follow the moon cycles."

But she says women who cycle naturally will often find that they are matched up with the moon.

Schurtz agrees since she works with many women on hormonal contraception that tampers with their natural flow. 

Ancient Healing

Like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine looks at the whole person and focuses on the concept of balancing two energies-yin and yang.

Schurtz says many of us are operating in a constant state of active energy. "Our lives are always busy, always going, always producing and exerting with little to no value placed on yin-the input and restoration of that energy," says Schurtz.

"Many women I work with could benefit from slowing down, tuning into and honouring the natural ebb and flow of their body's natural cycles."

Are Period Cycles Synched with the Moon - Chand & Radha - Cycle Synching

How to Sync your Period with the Moon

A 28 to 29 day cycle not only indicates balance and health, but also puts you in sync with the moon. And since birth control can wreak havoc on your natural flow, Schurtz advises her clients to take breaks to really tap into their body's patterns. 

But why does it even matter if we are lined up with the moon? "Many people have the experience of deepening their connections with not only their bodies, but also their intuition. They can track when during the cycle they feel higher energy or libido. And the bleed tends to happen around the full or new moon," says Schurtz.

"If your cycles are irregular, long, short or unpredictable, it most likely means there is something to balance, address or diagnose," says Schurtz. "In Chinese Medicine we use the menstrual blood- its color, viscosity, quantity, and various other aspects of the cycle to give us vital information about a woman's health." 

And the best way to learn more about your inner workings is to partner with an Ayurvedic, traditional medicine or naturopathic practitioner. 

"Unfortunately we live in a time when environmental toxin burdens and endocrine disruptors, our diets, lifestyle and especially stress are creating a more and more difficult landscape to navigate," says Schurtz. 

Moon and Menstruation

"When we are cut off from our cycles, on some level we are cut off from our power, our intuition, our inner authority, and compass," says Schurtz.  

"The general attitude of shutting the cycle down and throwing a pill on it as a bandaid without addressing real underlying root causes and issues is a huge disservice to our health and well-being." 

So while getting your monthly visit may seem like a pain, it's actually a reminder of how connected we are with Mother Nature's flow. 

"I truly believe that the world would be a completely different place if more menstruating people were connected to their cycles and the cycles of nature." 

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